The Long Mile

My favorite event in the great sport of Track and Field would have to be the mile. Why you ask? Because I love the speed, the distance, and the fierce competition of it. To me its a true mans race. My second favorite event would be the 5000m. Its a perfect distance to have for a race. These two events are a great combination of speed, mental stability, and strength. “To give anything but your best is to sacrifice the gift.” These words were spoken by one of the greatest distance runners in the world, Steve Prefontaine. When i am running the mile i feel complete and strong, when i run the 5 thousand i feel anxious to prove my self to the world. I love both these events and the sport that holds them. I am always ready to take on the challenge of The Long Mile.



“Why do you run?” That is the question that people most frequently ask me. Most of the time i just tell them that i do it because it’s fun. But i think the real reason i do it is because it is my passion. When i run i feel great. i could be having the worst day of my life, but if i go out for a nice simple run all of my worries go away and i come back happy and way better than i was before. To me running is more than a sport. Its my way of life. If i were unable to runĀ i’m not sure what i would do.